How You Can Create Sticky Content

Creating sticky content has become an integral part of doing business online. In order to create content that sticks, you need to combine your storytelling and multimedia skills. When you master these two skills, you will be well on your way to creating sticky content. If you believe that you still need some help when it comes to creating this particular type of content, I have listed some helpful tips that will ensure you create the highest quality content possible.

Keep It Simple – when you create content that is short and easy to read, your customers are more likely to take the time to read it all the way through. Readers aren’t interested in hearing about the entire manufacturing process of your latest product. They would be more interested in reading about how it change and improve their lives, so that is the information that you should focus on. You should also keep in mind when writing your content, that is should be clear and concise. Including images or video in your content is another great way to demonstrate to readers how your product can be used.
Include Unexpected News – all great sticky content and any content that has gone viral, features some type of unexpected news. This can be done by including a negative headline with your content. This unexpected turn could be enough to create buzz around your content and compel readers to share it through social media. Taking an unexpected turn when creating a headline for your content can breathe new life into a subject that may have been all over the news feeds. Including a negative phrase is a great way to draw attention to your latest blog or article.
Tell a Story – if this sounds self-explanatory, it’s meant to. Any type of content can be made interesting if you do so using this technique. Including anecdotes about your personal life or experiences is a great way for you to connect with your readers. Including that little personal touch will allow readers to see you as a real person rather than words on a screen. If a reader is touched emotionally, they are more likely to share your content with their friends.
Combine Content – the best type of content that you can produce is one that the reader finds interactive. This can be accomplished by including an infographic in your content or announcing a game or contest. Interactive content has been proven to keep readers interested and on your page. In order for your content to be as effective as possible, it should also reflect your brand, voice of your company, or your mission. This will help keep your content relevant and you will be able to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Responsiveness: The Key to Handling Excellent Social Media

In these fast-changing times of digital gadgets and gizmos and people with short attention spans and seeking perpetual entertainment – be it from content or communication, we need to look a newer ways to address this problem of brand engagement. So where we seek to be in places where our audiences are, it is important to create engaging and involving situations where the customer is excited to recognise and be a part of the brand. A prominent communications and brand expert recalls how in his earliest days of Facebook, he saw a snapshot of Harnik peppermint cigarettes – ones that he remembered and loved from his boyhood days. The page asked him to ‘like’ and become a fan. He promptly did. Nothing was ever heard from the brand. He became a mere statistic among the thousands of the fans of the brand. Another case another brand: a young woman who swears by her wardrobe of the Zara range not just ‘likes’ Zara – she loves it! But does the brand show the same reciprocity? Does a Spanish couture brand concern itself with a loyal fan, thousands of miles away? It should. Reciprocity and responsiveness go a long way in ensuring a brand’s experiences remain happy and positive among its fans. As a marketer, do not fall into the trap of getting gleeful with lots of likes on your FB fan page. Go ahead and do something with each of them. How about becoming a fan of the user? Asking him or her what gets them going. Their pulses racing. What do they want? What are they happiest or unhappiest about?

New marketing approaches are emerging constantly, because of changing customer habits, attitudes and expectations. Even market research in all these years is evolving, responding to changing marketing approaches and research briefs – but in all of this, our consumer’s browsing and info-consuming habits are changing silently, unobtrusively.

We need to obsess over the user and not the medium per se – these days brand stories are being told differently – in media agnostic formats.

Contrast the just shared cases with the social media engagement process American Centre Library. Not only do they engage with their fans, give out hampers and special invites, they respond to each person directly by name. They seek to be a part of every happening whether in India or in the US. Whether it is their festival or one of ours. Asking people what they think, how do they celebrate, upload snapshots, engage with each other and do so much more.

Customer Centricity: The New SEO

According to a Forrester Research report, as many as one-third of U.S. companies surveyed were dissatisfied with their social marketing results. The report also pointed out that only 38% of those surveyed directly targeted their followers or fans on social channels. Bear in mind, search engines also consider blogs, communities and other platforms as social channels, so we are not talking just Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. here.

Big brands, with all the resources available to them, still seem out of sorts when it comes to online media. It makes one wonder whether the people responsible for these decisions are marketers from the ancient world who landed digital marketing roles only to find themselves out of their depths, compromising the effectiveness of the brand they represent in the process. Digital Marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea, the flux the industry is constantly in makes it extremely hard for those not familiar with its dynamics.

The magic word

Here’s my advice on what a digital marketer’s primary focus should be:

It’s not about keyword-stuffed content. It’s not about how many social media channels you are on. It’s not about the number of likes your page has managed to accumulate.

It’s about ENGAGEMENT. Yes, that is the magic word.

The SEO industry is in a state of constant flux. An expert SEO today understands the value of providing value.

Search engines offer a service, which is to direct a user to the most relevant information for their query, and therefore it’s the responsibility of the likes of Google to make sure they provide the service they promise. It should not be left to marketers to fight for SERP rankings. To cut the story short, the better search engine algorithms are able to weed out irrelevant content, the better it will be for marketers.

To its credit Google and other search engines have been slowly but steadily cracking down on dishonest tactics and promoting websites which focus on quality content. Going forward, we can expect new updates to Google’s algorithms to further rein in SEO cowboys who are experts in devious methods to influence SERP listings. This is increasingly the case. Ideally, the best content should naturally come on top. The way this is being done is by an increased emphasis on original, share-worthy content which drives engagement.

The power of social media

Metrics such as engagement, sentiment, citations, shares and interactions are being now used to measure of a company’s worth and relevance. That’s great news for digital marketers as they can now focus on doing what they should be doing – engaging with their customers.

This is also where social media comes into the picture and it’s no surprise social media is increasingly shaping the dynamics of search. Social Media has changed things forever and will continue to affect search results, but the companies which will come out on top are the ones which understand the value of high quality regular, personalised interactions; building trust and transparency; generating interesting content; and providing great customer service.

Yes, it requires effort but it’s effort in the right direction – effort that directly impacts customers. If one thinks about it, shouldn’t that be a marketer’s primary focus anyway? Isn’t providing your customers with quality content excellent customer service? The only thing that has changed is how a company connects with its customers. Unlike traditional marketing, social media provides brands an opportunity to personalise the conversations they have with their customers. Also, it’s a more direct, immediate, public ( more transparent) way of communication. That said, the results will still depend on the time and effort one puts into digital marketing. It’s not easy. It requires commitment, patience and genuine interest.

Is SEO, as we know it, dead or dying?

I believe the answer to that question is yes and no. Whilst it’s still important to have a site with a good navigational structure and one that’s free of glitches which would affect the way search engine algorithms identify the content on it, this is a relatively simple job. For digital marketers (if their website was not set-up by a hack) these basics should already be in place along with a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS). For all other essential purposes, SEO “expertise” will be consumed by improved search engine algorithms and related web technologies (eg. platform-neutral CMS) and the way social is redefining search and the emergence of social search (eg. FB search).

The importance of links is not going to go away either as it remains one of the most important factors when it comes to judging the value of a website’s content. That said, automatically generated backlinks and the remaining unethical techniques are surely on the way out.

There continue to exist doubts over Google’s actual ability to pick “good” content from “bad,” but there’s little doubt that it’s getting better. Old dodgy techniques continue to be replaced by newer ones and this is going to continue in the near future too although it is getting more and more labour intensive which is bound to make marketers wonder if it’s at all worth the effort, especially when one can use that time to build quality content.

In many ways, digital marketers can look forward to shedding the “optimisation baggage” that’s been plaguing them for so long and has led to much of the mess search engines are struggling to rise above. The keyword obsession is giving way to quality engagement and quality content is finally the biggest item on a marketer’s worry plate.

The reason many of these companies have not been as effective as they should be is because those at the helm still don’t understand this massive shift the industry is going through or perhaps the problem lies in execution. In many ways this shift is heartening and a just reward for customer-centric companies.

Valuable Tips For Your Search Engine Optimisation

Putting in the time to enhance your website for online search engine will guarantee its success. So this engine will continuously bring brand-new visitors to your website, and will assist you bring in an audience from all around the world. You’ll have your website search engine enhanced in no time if you put the suggestions in this short article to utilise.

When it comes to bringing visitors to your website, there’s no technique as effective as search engines. By enhancing your website for these engines!

By enhancing your website for these engines! Make sure to send your website to browse engines for ranking after you go to the effort of enhancing it. Many these kind of engines today utilise spiders, however sending the website yourself will speed up the ranking procedure.

Make sure to send your website to browse engines for ranking after you go to the effort of enhancing it. The majority of search engines today utilise spiders, however sending the website yourself will speed up the ranking procedure.

Ensure you consist of distinct material in your posts. If numerous sites are sending their audiences to your blog site to discover out more details about a provided subject, browse engines will offer your site greater top priority for your keyword. You will start to appear like the authority in your field.

Prior to relying on the automatic programs offered to pump up one post into numerous, the sensible post online marketer will do as much specific writing as she or he can. Handmade short articles constantly provide readers a better impression than auto-generated material. Online search engine choose initial human-written short articles, too, and rank them greater than automated short articles.

As quickly as you compose a post, let the world understand through social networks! Compose a fast post about the story on social media website or anywhere else you have actually accepted as part of the social technique of your organisation. Having your story’s web address feel bitter by your fans to others assists increase the possibility that your story will be ranked rapidly and high by online search engine.

Why should your little company usage this engine optimisation? This engine optimisation is an optimum method to direct traffic to every page of your site, rather of simply the homepage.

All your site’s material need to consist of high and appropriate quality keywords. When a search is carried out, those websites that hold the keywords are produced in SERPs, so you desire the keywords to be discovered within the material of your website so your website is pulled into the online search engine results pages, as online this engine will discover you much easier.

Taking the time to enhance your website for these engines will guarantee its success. If you put the suggestions in this post to utilise, you’ll have your website search engine enhanced in no time.

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